The Malta International Airsow
Airshows, what a great opportunity for us photo entusiasts to snap some unique and intersting pictures. Apart from photography the excitement of seeing and hearing the roar of such beasts travelling at high speed above your head is truly remarkable. 
Here in Malta we have the Malta International Airshow, this was the 2015 edition.
After visited the Aircrafts on the ground before the show started, I rushed to a friend's house who had a good vantage point up on the roof, and camped there throughout the entire show. I am truly proud of these pictures.
Belgian F-16  flown by Capt. Tom de Moortel, callsign 'Gizmo',
Orlik Aerobatic Team 
Orlik Aerobatic Team 
Belgian F-16  flown by Capt. Tom de Moortel, callsign 'Gizmo',
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